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Silent Track As a strong weapon in the fight against track noise!


Silent Track Tuned Rail Dampers, the best source measure for noise reduction!


In 2001 the Tuned Rail Dampers won the Innovation Award for noise control in the Netherlands

Due to further urbanization, better utilization of the space and further increase of both goods measures such as passenger transport by rail necessary in the context of track noise.

We have the solution!

The technical specifications of Silent Track:

BEFORE / AFTER Silent Track:

The advantages

Silent Track Tuned Rail Dampers, the best source measure for noise reduction!

it has no specific maintenance requirements and has no effect on other elements of the rail infrastructure

noise reduction of 3 to 7 dB (A), depending on the condition of the track and the track type

The ability to reduce noise – Tuning the system – adapted to the track construction


the best reduction in a very wide acoustic spectrum and optimal in the most acoustically audible area for track noise

all components have the same service life as the track and once installed the system will function optimally all years

This system guarantees a optimum operation and a very high noise reduction worldwide!

Optimized operation

The patented mass spring system includes 2 or 3 steel masses that are cast in an elastomer. This Tuned Rail
Dampers are installed by gluing with specially developed two-component adhesive or through means of clips.

Different types for different tracks worldwide

Silent Track Tuned Rail Dampers are optimized to every type of track type regardless of the profile (UIC54, 60EI, 56E1 etc.), the fastening system (Vossloh, Pandrol, Nable etc.) or sleepers (monoblock, duoblock, concrete, wooden etc.).

Optimized installation

De Tuned Rail Dampers kunnen of aangebracht worden op bestaande rails of tijdens de productie van nieuw spoor.