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Signal Concept

Signal Concept has become a specialized developer and manufacturer of plant components and measuring devices in railway signalling and safety systems.


In-house product development and severe testing in real environments assure that every item of plant and equipment is optimally adjusted to the rough service conditions of the railways.

Burn-in during the production phase avoid early failures and guarantee a high quality. Every year new products are added to the existing range released for use by the railway companies.


Since 2014 Uuden bv

Uuden Rail Products BV is the representive for the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Ireland.

You can find all information regarding Signal Concepts’ products through this link and we are welcome to help you with your specific questions.

Main focus


  • Supply of system-dependent measuring devices and service technology for clear track signalling systems and other train control systems (international);
  • Repairing, adjusting and calibration services for measuring devices made by Signal Concept;
  • Product development – for customer’s order too;
  • Measuring instruments and service technology for commissioning, inspection and fault finding on clear track signalling systems (axle counter, low and audio frequency track circuits and transmission circuits with transmission of individual frequencies;
  • Earth-leakage measuring instruments;
  • Individual accessory and chargers for all mentioned measuring and testing devices;
  • Safety units, which protect persons in tracks monitored by track circuits;
  • Electronic components for automatic train control units.

Direct to railway signalling industrial electronics products

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