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Our projects

View the projects we have done in the recent years:

2019 Alstom France

The installation of CTRD2.0 Clipped Tuned Rail Damper on behalf of Alstom at the Railways Test Center CEF1 in Petite-Foret, France.

2019 Sporveien Oslo

To meet the noise limits on the Oslo tramline, Sporveien has installed CTRD2.0 Clipped Tuned Rail Damper on the S54 ballasted track. Reduction up to 6dB(A) has been achieved.

2018 London Underground

Testing section installation of CTRD2.0 Clipped Tuned Rail Damper on the Jubilee line in the NORTH GREENWICH – CANARY WHARF tunnel for London Underground. Effectiveness CTRD2.0 Clipped Tuned Rail Damper tested in by installing every second sleeper bay to see if reduction from overall costs would give enough noise reduction as requested. In car noise spectrums measured and rail corrugation growth. Test results for internal use London Underground only.

2018 North West Rail Link Australië

Together with Marubeni-Itochi Steel Oceania, Uuden Rail Products BV has supplied and installed over 34.000 meter single AS60 slabtrack with CTRD2.0 Clipped Tuned Rail Dampers. Over the total length there was a tunnel section with 2 different track systems and a viaduct section with another track system installed. CTRD2.0 Clipped Tuned Rail Dampers was used to get an optimal Track Decay Rate so that commuter trains caused less noise. Also in 2009 CTRD2.0 Rail Damper was installed on the Parramatta Rail Link but due to the different track systems CTRD2.0 has been optimized for North West Rail Link to meet the noise and other requirements.